Almond Chickpea Sugar Scrub

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Almond Chickpea Sugar Scrub

Chickpea Flour, also called Garbanzo Flour, has been a traditional ingredient in Indian beauty and skin care for generations. It has a gentle texture that lends itself perfectly to body scrubs.

When paired with sugar, Chickpea Flour can polish your entire body to a silky, soft finish.


Complemented by the light moisture of Sweet Almond Oil, this scrub will leave every skin type happy and healty. 


Unique to our scrubs is the inclusion of our wonderful goat's milk soap.  This scrub will cleanse, moisturize and exfoliate all in one simple step.


The pure essential oil scents will intensify when warmed by your hands, creating a spa like experience right in your own home. Each jar contains 10 ounces (minimum).

Ingredients: Pure Cane White Sugar (some formulations also contain brown sugar), Sweet Almond Oil, Chickpea Flour, Pure Goat's Milk Soap, 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (vary per scent chosen).