Doggie Muffins

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Doggie Muffins

These look so yummy that you will want to eat them yourself!

Ingredients like garbanzo flour, natural peanut butter, free range-farm fresh eggs,  raw wildflower honey, black strap molasses, fresh goat’s milk and carob chips will keep them begging for more.

As always, our treats are Grain Free, Gluten Free, Contain No Refined Sugars, Artificial Colors or Preservatives.     They are baked and dehydrated for 8 hours to give them a light, crunchy texture that any sized dog is sure to enjoy.

Each, human grade, ingredient is included for a specific health benefit, no fillers here!   Feed 1 or 2 daily (depending on the size of your dog), as part of a healthy nutrition plan.

Crude Analysis: Protein 16.0, Fat 15.1, Fiber 2.05, Moisture 8.98%


All of our pet treats are fresh baked and dehydrated for 8 hours to give them their teeth cleaning crunch.  Please allow for two days processing time when ordering.