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  • "Good Dog" Peanut Butter Bone

    "Good Dog" Peanut Butter Bone

    Every dog seserves some praise and what a better way to do that than with a healthy, grain free, 6" bone! We use rosemary as a natural preservative and dehydrate these yummy treats for over 12 hours to give them their teeth cleaning crunch. Packed with...

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  • BETTER BREATH 4 DOGS - Daily Dental Dog Treat

    BETTER BREATH 4 DOGS - Daily Dental Dog Treat

    These are the simple and healthy solution for Stinky Breath!  Let’s face it, our dogs are like family and as such, we spend a lot of time being “up close and personal”.  Everyone benefits from fresher breath!  Our...

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  • Doggie Donuts

    Doggie Donuts

    There’s nothing better than a fresh made donut! Except our Doggie Donuts, if you are a dog.Similar ingredients to our Doggie Muffins, with the addition of our yogurt based frosting.  These are Super YUMMY….with no refined sugar...

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  • Doggie Muffins

    Doggie Muffins

    These look so yummy that you will want to eat them yourself!Ingredients like garbanzo flour, natural peanut butter, free range-farm fresh eggs,  raw wildflower honey, black strap molasses, fresh goat’s milk and carob chips will keep them...

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  • Grass Fed Beef Hooves

    Grass Fed Beef Hooves

    Treat your dog to a long-lasting chew he will love! Made for tough chewers, these natural hooves are sourced from USA grass fed beef.   They help keep teeth clean and healthy by scraping tartar and plaque buildup.  They’re naturally low...

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  • Medium Elk Antler Chew

    Medium Elk Antler Chew

    3-4 inch elk antler.   Keep  your powerful chewer busy with this Medium Elk Antler Dog Chew. A great way to cure boredom and save your shoes! They’re dense and durable, so they’ll last...even with the most aggressive chewer...

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  • NO FARTS - Daily Dog Treat

    NO FARTS - Daily Dog Treat

    These are the perfect match for a dog that is a bit gassy or could just use a digestive boost! These are packed full of pure Pumpkin, which is a dog superfood that regulates digestion and normal bowl function, and Ginger to help reduce or eliminate gas...

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  • Pet Soap Bar

    Pet Soap Bar

    This soap bar is full of goat’s milk to condition as it cleans.  You can wash your pet more often because, unlike commercial soaps, this will not strip your pet’s skin of its own natural oil. You will have a clean, conditioned and...

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  • Pig Ears Chews

    Pig Ears Chews

    Pig Ears are sure to be one of your dogs favorites!   Ears are made up of cartilage, a natural source of chondroitin, which may help to support joint health. Not only are they tasty and fun to chew, but they're healthy as well!  Key...

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  • PROTEIN POWER - Daily Dog Treat

    PROTEIN POWER - Daily Dog Treat

    What dog doesn’t love Peanut Butter?  And these are packed full of it!  With 16% protein to help build strong muscles, bones and provide plenty of energy!  These treats are Grain Free, Gluten Free, Contain No Refined Sugars,...

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